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Improving the Health of Your Business With Cost-Cutting & Operational Efficiency

What's in it for Me?  What's In It For Me?
Take advantage of our expertise in your own time by reviewing our presentations and reference documents. Our Do-It-Yourself tools let you apply new skills directly to your own business. We'll help you track and organize your results.



The Lab

The Lab

Your home for experimentation, learning and business self-improvement. Your Business is Alive! offers you our Do-It-Yourself Tools to help you actively improve your results when we're not on site.
Do-It-Yourself Tools

Do-It-Yourself Tools

Now that you understand the concepts, Your Business is Alive! wants to help you solidify that knowledge by applying it directly to your own business. You supply the numbers and we'll give you the answers you need to make the decisions that will improve your business. We'll track your data so you can return to it again and again as your business changes. As always, we're glad to answer any questions you have, Contact Us if you need assistance or have suggestions for ways we can better serve your needs. Don't forget, if you want more substantial help we can offer a full Business Analysis to help you pinpoint potential areas for improvement.

Overhead Absorption Rate / Break-even Point Calculator
You can quickly figure out the price point for profitability on any product or service with this tool.
Required Data: Annual Cost of Goods Sold and Indirect Costs, unit direct cost for the product and desired profit percentage.

Economic Order Quantity Calculator
Use this tool to balance the trade off between ordering and carrying costs. You can determine how much to order and when to order it for any product to achieve the lowest possible total cost.
Required Data: Annual holding costs, average product unit price, fixed cost per order and estimated annual demand.

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