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Pricing For Profits

Pricing For Profits

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST

How do you price your products or services? If you do not have a solid formula, there is a good chance you are not fully reflecting all your costs. What level of profit do you expect from your business? Your pricing model is the determining factor in whether or not you achieve that profit. If you do not have a good answer for these questions, the Pricing For Profits webinar is right up your alley. Your Business Is Alive! will teach you how to price your products to get the results you are looking for.

Target Audience


Other Sessions

The Pricing For Profits Webinar is designed for the developing business owners who has limited experience using the correct formula to calculate prices for products and/or services.
There are currently no scheduled sessions for Pricing For Profits available.

Key Topics


Bang for Your Buck

Pricing For Profits will explore the following areas:
  • Expenses - what is the difference between Direct Costs and Indirect Costs?
  • Overhead Absorption - how much overhead do you cover with each sale?
  • Break-even Point - when have you covered all your costs?
  • Margin vs. Markup - is there a difference?
  • Pricing - putting it all together
While not necessary, having these items with you will help get the most out of the webinar:
  • Last year's Income Statement
  • Direct cost figures for your products or services
  • Desired profit levels for each revenue stream
  • A Calculator
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